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Surface Treatment

According to the types of surface treatment, our steel wire products can be divided into four types:
hot dipped galvanized wire, electric galvanized steel wire, plastic coated wire and aluminum clad steel wire.

Features and Comparison of The Wires with Different Coatings:

Hot dipped steel wire can be supplied in oval shape or round wire. It has bright surface and long-lasting thick zinc coating layer.

Electric galvanized steel wire is popularly used in a wide range of industrial use with economic cost and good property. It can also be made into oval wire or round, or flat stitching wire.

PVC coated wire has a choice of beautiful colors. Mostly round wire.

Aluminum clad steel wire is used as conductor core wire. Aluminum clad steel wire is mostly supplied with round section.

Oval Wire with Thick Zinc Coating

Electric Galvanized Round Steel Wire

Color Coated Iron Wire Aluminum Coated Core Wire